What to Expect At Your Colonoscopy

What to Expect At Your Colonoscopy

Are you worrying about an upcoming colonoscopy? Knowing what to expect can make the procedure less intimidating! Rest assured that the process is very straightforward. A colonoscopy is an important procedure that can help to detect and diagnose any issues with the colon. At Northeastern Gastroenterology Associates, our gastroenterologists in Honesdale, PA will help you stay comfortable and informed throughout your colonoscopy procedure! Contact us for more information.

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Fasting the Day Before

You will need to fast for several hours before your appointment. Your gastroenterology specialist will provide you with a special solution to help clear your colon so that your doctor can get a better view of the inside.


Attend Your Appointment

When you arrive on the day of your colonoscopy procedure, you will be asked to change into a hospital gown. You will then be given a sedative or anesthesia that will help prevent any discomfort during the procedure. As the best gastroenterologist in Honesdale, we strive to ensure you are comfortable and calm during your appointment.

Colonoscopy Procedure

The Colonoscopy Procedure

During the colon cancer screening process, your gastroenterologist will insert a thin, flexible tube into your rectum. This tube has a tiny camera on the end, which will be used to view your colon. The procedure can take up to an hour, and you will remain sedated for the duration of your colonoscopy.

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After your colonoscopy, you will be taken to a recovery room for a short rest. You may experience some cramping or bloating as the sedative wears off. Once you are feeling better, you can go home and resume your normal activities.

If you are looking for the best gastroenterologist for your colonoscopy, look no further than Northeastern Gastroenterology Associates! By understanding what to expect during your colonoscopy procedure, the procedure will be much less daunting. Our team of gastroenterologists will work hard to ensure you receive the best care possible, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about your colonoscopy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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