Why Regular Colonoscopy Screenings Are Important For Longevity

Colonoscopy screenings are crucial for the longevity of your life. This procedure has saved millions of lives over the years and will continue to do so in the future. No one wants to develop cancer, so getting a regular colonoscopy screening is smart and practical. Northeastern Gastroenterology Associates in Honesdale, PA, wants to help you learn how colonoscopy screenings can lead to a longer life.


Colon Cancer Is Common

Chances are, you are familiar with someone touched by colon cancer. One in 23 adults will develop colon cancer in their lifetime. This type of cancer is the second most deadly form of cancer in the United States. The predictions by the American Cancer Society say they expect 52,980 deaths from colorectal cancer in 2021.


Early Colon Cancer Has No Symptoms

In the early stages of colon cancer, there are usually no symptoms. In the beginning, polyps form in your colon that may turn cancerous if left unchecked. You can’t feel the polyps growing. By the time you do develop symptoms, cancerous cells have become established. Once established, surgery and treatment are the only way to remove it.


Colonoscopy Prep Isn’t Awful

Preparations for a colonoscopy are not pleasant, but it has become more palatable over time. The laxatives that will flush out your colon are more efficient and have a better flavor than they used to. It is crucial for a full bowel cleansing when having the test to ensure the test can be completed and deliver the most accurate results.


Screenings Detect Cancer

A colonoscopy screening works by identifying abnormal changes or growths within your colon. If your doctor detects the growth of polyps during the procedure, removal can occur immediately. Removing these polyps prevents them from becoming tumors, which makes cancer development much less likely. Preventative measures, such as a colonoscopy screening, save millions of lives.

Scheduling a routine colonoscopy screening is imperative in keeping you healthy. Colon cancer is common but is also highly treatable if caught early. For this reason, Northeastern Gastroenterology Associates recommends scheduling a screening for anyone 45-50 years old or who has a family history of colon cancer. Call us today to talk to a specialist.

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